Mickie James out of action with a broken nose; recovery time revealed

Mickie James vs Asuka
Mickie James vs Asuka
R. Nath

Mickie James returned to WWE in August after 14 months away due to an ACL tear. She was quick to return to the RAW Women's Championship picture but would fall short to Asuka and later on, Zelina Vega.

Unfortunately for Mickie James, it seems as though another injury has struck her and will keep her out of action. On GAW TV, Mickie James revealed that she had broken her nose during a match (H/T diva-dirt):

"So, legit broke my nose in a match, so now I can’t wrestle for a couple weeks. Unfortunately, that sucks but, silver lining as we do, I went ahead and the doctor was so nice and so amazing that since I had to get my nose fixed, broken back, he let me record it.”

Mickie James mentioned that luckily for her, it wasn't a major nose injury. She said that it will take her out of action for only a couple of weeks:

“And it wasn’t severe. It wasn’t like my nose was blasted across my face. It was more like a curve and I can’t breathe out the one side and I’ll be honest, I thought it was gonna be a lot more painful. It was more like pressure to get it fixed.”

Mickie James then went on to explain a bit about what happened to her nose.

“Now, it has to be relocated but also, I have my nasal canal, my nasal cavity, this outer wall has collapsed, so that’s what we’re looking at here.”

What is Mickie James' role in the RAW Women's division?

Mickie James will be in the WWE Draft, so it's likely that she could get drafted to SmackDown. Her role seems to be one where she's helping the younger generation of female superstars and perhaps that's a role best-suited to someone in her position.

Mickie James may not have found Championship success since returning, but she is past her prime and has enough accolades to her name. It makes sense that she would want to put over the current crop of talent.

One year after his passing, we at Sportskeeda paid tribute to our very own Road Warrior Animal here.

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