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Mike Bennett reveals what a talent can do when given bad creative in WWE

Mike Bennett has spoken about the creative process in WWE
Mike Bennett has spoken about the creative process in WWE
Modified 29 Sep 2020, 03:30 IST

Former WWE Superstar Mike Bennett has revealed the thought process of a WWE Superstar if/when they receive bad creative in WWE.

During a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, the former Mike Kanellis stated that when a talent receives creative in WWE it usually comes in the form a trickle down effect, whereby it's passed from Vince McMahon to writers, then agents and then WWE Superstars.

Bennett also admitted that most people already know if the creative they have been given in WWE is bad:

"So it usually trickles down in the sense that everyone knows that's being passed the information about what you're doing, it's bad, so it starts at the top. So it starts with boss man and he makes the call, and then it gets passed to the writers, who then pass it to the agents, who then pass it to the wrestlers, or sometimes the writers go right to the wrestlers or whatever."
"But you know instantly when it's bad because the writers go, 'we tried to fix this, but this is what he really wants,' or the agents go, 'let me go talk to him.' Then the agents come back, and they go, 'nope, he's dead set on this.' So it's usually like a trickle-down of 'yep, we know it's crap, but we're giving it to this guy' and then you get it, and it's basically, everyone's just like, 'sorry, make the most of it.' And so, then you take it."

Mike Bennett on his pregnancy storyline with wife Maria Kanellis in WWE

Speaking from his own experience of bad creative in WWE, Mike Bennett recalled being involved in a pregnancy storyline with his wife Maria in WWE.

The Miracle revealed that, like many other WWE Superstars when given bad creative, he tried to make the best of a bad storyline and took it as a personal challenge to make the idea work

"I mean for me, when we were doing that storyline, I just looked at it, I was like, 'alright, I know this isn't really good, but if I can make something out of this, if I can make this entertaining, I was up for the challenge.' And a lot of the guys and girls, they're up for the challenge, but they also wish they're like, 'why are we doing this? We're shooting ourselves in the foot."
"Like we could make this good, but instead, we have to try to figure out how to make it good when we know it's bad.' As opposed to just giving us something good that we can make great, they give you something bad and they're like, 'try to make something good out of this' which is just a backwards way to try to do things."

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Published 29 Sep 2020, 03:30 IST
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