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Mike Bennett reveals why it was better working for IMPACT than WWE and Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon
Modified 24 Oct 2020, 11:08 IST

Mike Bennett was signed by WWE on 2017 along with his wife Maria Kanellis. The duo debuted at Money In The Bank 2017 but WWE never really did much with the duo. The only proper storyline on RAW they got was the one where Maria Kanellis berated her husband on a weekly basis. The duo were released from WWE earlier this year along with a number of other Superstars and staff.

Mike Bennett on the differences in wrestling for WWE and Impact

Mike Bennett was recently interviewed by The Hannibal TV on YouTube. During the interview, Bennett was asked about his experience working for both Impact Wrestling and WWE. Bennett said that he preferred Impact because of the creative freedom before going into detail about his experience there:

TNA was great. I know there was always...everyone's been public about the pay issues back when we were there and that was what it was. But as far as creative and as far as the locker room... I had the time of my life there. Working for Billy Corgan and John Gaburick, they trusted me, especially when I was doing the angle with EC3 they trusted the two of us to go out there and just kind of do what we do and they gave us very little guidelines and I always appreciated that because I feel like my work thrived and everyone else's work thrives when you're allowed to do your thing and be creative.

Mike Bennett also spoke about his experience wrestling for WWE. He said that everything in WWE was done in a certain way and if someone went off script, they'd be in trouble. He also said that wrestling for WWE was like wrestling for an audience of one - Vince McMahon:

At WWE it's just like, this is how it is. This is the script, this is the story, this is what Vince wants and you can't go anywhere off of that and don't even try. If you try you're in trouble and so that's very difficult and I've said this before, at WWE you wrestle to impress Vince. It's an audience of one. Everything you do is to impress Vince. Every move you make, it's like 'Vince is high on chin locks this week, he really wants to see a lot of chin locks' so some weeks you'll see a ton of chin locks because that's what Vince wants. 'Vince really likes it when you don't shout in your promos and you just talk' so months on end you'll see people just talking in their promos or 'Vince really wants people to be loud this week' so people are loud one week. It's just, it's an audience of one.
No one is wrestling for the fans at WWE where I feel like at Impact, we're trying to put on the best product for the fans. At WWE you're just trying to keep your job and impress...I shouldn't say impress, you're trying to just not pi*s off the boss.

Following his WWE release, Mike Bennett recently faced Nick Aldis for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship at the UWN Prime Time LIVE PPV.


Check out Mike Bennett's full interview with The Hannibal TV HERE.

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Published 24 Oct 2020, 11:08 IST
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