Miro fka Rusev reveals his honest reaction to his wife Lana 'aggressively kissing' Bobby Lashley on WWE RAW

Miro fka Rusev did not always have the best storylines in WWE
Miro fka Rusev did not always have the best storylines in WWE

Miro fka Rusev might have been one of the biggest fan favourites in WWE, but he was not always treated as such. In fact, some of the storylines that he was a part of were extremely humiliating. His last storyline and feud in WWE was where his real-life wife Lana was having a storyline affair with Bobby Lashley. During this feud, there was a lot of negative fan reaction, with the fans not appreciating WWE treating Miro and Lana in that manner. The big blow-off match never even came from the feud either, as there were reported issues in Miro's contract negotiations with WWE. Eventually, he was released from the company during the massive cuts that took place in April after the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Now, during an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Miro has talked about the feud with Bobby Lashley and what he felt when he saw his real-life wife kissing Bobby Lashley on WWE television.

Readers can see Chris Van Vliet's entire interview with Miro here.


Miro on Bobby Lashley kissing Lana on WWE RAW

Miro admitted that he had not seen Lana kissing Bobby Lashley in WWE. He said that it was a question for Lana and Lashley and not him. He went on to say that it had not been their choice to take part in that segment and that they had been told to use 'real aggressive kissing'.

Miro added that they were actors and he knew that it was a work. Finally, he also said that this was not a question for him, but rather for Lana, who was the one more heavily involved in the segment.

"That's a question that you need to ask her and him because I wasn't kissing him. It's their choice. Well, it's not their choice that's what they were told. To use real aggressive kissing. Was it good to watch? No I never watched it. But at the same time I understand it's a work. We're actors. But the question that you just asked is one that people always ask me and every time I respond the same way 'Ask her. She's the one kissing him. Ask him. He's married, he's got kids, they gotta watch the show'. Ask them, don't worry about me."

Miro is now a part of AEW.

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