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Naomi on learning about the creation of Team B.A.D in WWE

Naomi has been reminiscing about her run with Tamina and Sasha Banks as Team B.A.D
Naomi has been reminiscing about her run with Tamina and Sasha Banks as Team B.A.D
Modified 19 Aug 2020

Former SmackDown Women's Champion Naomi has been reminiscing about her days a member of the Team B.A.D faction in WWE.

During a recent interview on The New Day: Feel the Power podcast, Naomi discussed how Tamina and herself found out about Team B.A.D's creation in WWE as well as their excitement that Sasha Banks would also be a member of the faction:

"When we heard that they were finally making the three teams, we were just hoping that we got Sasha because it just fit, and it almost wouldn't have made sense to be with anybody else in our team, I feel like how they structured the teams were pretty on point, and then we were happy to find out at ringside one day who was going to be with who." (h/t to Wrestling Inc.)
"Tamina and I just looked at each other and smiled and started jumping up and down! And 'you guys go figure out a team name, and we all were like since we are the heels and we're going to bad, why don't we call ourselves bad?!' And Sasha says, 'Yeah I like that,' and we were trying to come up with acronyms for it and kind of came up with the 'Beautiful and Dangerous,' but I think originally it was 'Beautiful and Dominating' or something stank like that, but we made it work." (h/t to Wrestling Inc.)

Naomi deserves better?

Last month, social media showed their support for Naomi with the #NaomiDeservesBetter hashtag.

The hashtag was a trending topic that gained momentum after Naomi participated in segments such as the 'Karaoke Showdown' and a loss to Lacey Evans in which the former SmackDown Women's Champion lost after her hair was tied to the ring topes.

During her discussion with The New Day, Naomi discussed how grateful she is for her career in WWE and her future goals:

"I'm really grateful for the career that I've had, and the moment's that I've had and the things that have happened, but the beautiful thing about this job is you can never stop growing, if you really love and you're into it, you're going to always want more. You're going to always want to elevate and continue to get better and that's kind of just where I'm at now. I really feel like there's more to show and more to prove than more to do. So, that lets me know I'm not done yet and I'm still loving it and I'm still here." (h/t to Wrestling Inc.)
Published 19 Aug 2020, 06:18 IST
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