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Naomi: Sasha Banks is 'the best we have' in WWE

SmackDown Superstar Naomi has heaped praise on Sasha Banks
SmackDown Superstar Naomi has heaped praise on Sasha Banks
Modified 19 Aug 2020

Naomi has praised current RAW Women's Champion and one half of the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions, Sasha Banks, as one of the best performers in the WWE right now.

Naomi recently chatted with The New Day on The New Day: Feel the Power podcast. During the conversation, Naomi discussed her experiences as part of the Team B.A.D faction in 2015.

During the start of the Women's Revolution on the WWE main roster in 2015, the likes of Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks were called up from WWE NXT and placed in respective stables. One such stable was Team B.A.D which consisted of Naomi, Tamina and the newly called up Sasha Banks.

Naomi discussed her relationship with Tamina and Sasha Banks as part of the Team B.A.D stable, praising the ability of The Boss:

"I just think that at that time we were just all at a point in our careers with Sasha and Tamina where we just wanted more and wanted to grow and get better, and there's so much change that's happening in the division and just knowing what such a superstar Sasha was and what she was going to be without a doubt, it was always a pleasure to work with her, to have insight from her, for me, Sasha is like the best we have, in my opinion." (h/t to Wrestling Inc.)

Naomi on the bond with Tamina and Sasha Banks during Team B.A.D's WWE run

Continuing to reminisce about her relationship with Sasha Banks and Tamina as part of Team B.A.D in 2015, Naomi also addressed working with Sasha Banks. The former SmackDown Women's Champion stated that working with The Boss was like a 'breath of fresh air':

"Just me and Tamina kind of being there in the game for a while, it was just like a breath of fresh air. To be working together and just struggling and trying to fight for things, and I just think it was something we always have, it was respected with each other. We were just super excited to be working with each other. It was just really really fun times, and I got to work with Sasha in NXT way before she became The Boss. And I just thought she was always an amazing person and really admired her ability and her love and passion for wrestling, so it was just exciting for us when she came in the roster." (h/t to Wrestling Inc.)
"And we were able to hang together, ride together, vibe together. It was just always love and positivity and us just wanting to uplift each other and help each other get through the main roster struggles we just had fun. We just made the best of everything and we just had fun and those videos at one point were really just all we had to look forward to doing with each other and we just got to the point where we're just about to get outrageous and ridiculous with these videos as we can because they were just popping us." (h/t to Wrestling Inc.)

What are your favourite memories of Naomi, Tamina and Sasha Banks as Team B.A.D in WWE?

Published 19 Aug 2020, 05:47 IST
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