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WWE News: Neville talks about breaking his ankle earlier this year, plans for 2017

Neville hopeful of making an impact in 2017.

Neville returned to in-ring action after months of recuperating from an ankle injury

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Neville spoke about his ankle injury as well as his future with WWE in the coming year.

Neville had earlier sustained a broken ankle in a match against Chris Jericho on Monday Night RAW. Neville spoke of the severity of the injury saying that he had hurt his ankle while doing a very basic baseball slide.

He revealed that his toe had got caught in the mat and he thus broke his ankle in two places. He says that he tried to work through the pain but soon realised that he could not continue. Jericho was quick to react to the situation and wrapped up the match quickly.

Neville pointed out that the injury happened at a very bad time with WrestleMania 32 just round the corner. He was hopeful for his future with the company as he claimed that 2017 would, in fact, be a much better year for him.

Neville was quoted as saying:

“I feel in 2017 I want and deserve more. I want to achieve more, and I just need to get that momentum back, and I am confident I will get the opportunities I want, and I will then be able to take them.”

Neville, in fact, proved a point when he returned to WWE TV at Roadblock: End of the Line and put the entire Cruiserweight division on notice when he viciously attacked Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann and TJ Perkins.

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After Swann had successfully retained the gold against Brian Kendrick and TJ Perkins, Neville made a spectacular entrance.

He walked into the ring and turned heel as he started teeing off on Swann. Neville then handed a beatdown to TJ Perkins as well. In a refreshing change to his gimmick, Neville laid waste to Swann and Perkins with the Pittsburg crowd chanting “Thank You Neville”.

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