"The Next Big Thing" Parker Boudreaux releases intense promo video

Parker Boudreaux - Credit: Mike Le, Wolves Los Angeles
Parker Boudreaux - Credit: Mike Le, Wolves Los Angeles

WWE's new signee Parker Boudreaux has released a collection of new images along with an intense video package on his social media accounts.

The video, which is around fifty seconds long, proclaims Parker Boudreaux to be the 'Destroyer of Gods' and features the former American football star in a series of quick-cut shots.

The cuts help create a mystique around the intensity of Parker Boudreaux as an athlete, before the final slow-motion shot gives viewers the chance to see the new WWE signee in full. It's clear Parker Boudreaux is looking to use his physicality as a key selling point as he transitions into the world of professional wrestling.

You can watch the video package in full here:

Parker Boudreaux recently signed a developmental deal with WWE after trading his football dreams for the wrestling ring, in-part due to injury. The young star received significant attention from various wrestling promotions, before finally signing on the dotted line with WWE.

Triple H comments on Parker Boudreaux

In a recent Sportskeeda exclusive, Triple H commented on Parker Boudreaux choosing to make WWE his new wrestling home.

The multiple-time world champion was asked whether or not the young star would be fast-tracked to NXT television. The King of Kings made it clear that "The Next Big Thing" won't be making his debut until he is ready.

"It's funny that people look at Parker (Boudreaux) and they say, 'Oh my God! He looks like the next Brock Lesnar.' So everybody goes, 'He's the next big thing.' He's got a big personality and we'll see what we can do."
"For all of this, you have to be ready to be a performer. Even Brock Lesnar wasn't a guy like that, as amazing as an athlete that he is like Parker. You got to be trained, you got to know what you are doing. Everything's got to do be done safely."

If this new video package is anything to go by, it's safe to say Parker Boudreaux will be making quite the impact when he finally makes his WWE debut.

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