Nia Jax discloses the exact number of people she injured in WWE

Nia Jax (left); Jax's fist after she punched Becky Lynch (right)
Nia Jax (left); Jax's fist after she punched Becky Lynch (right)
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Nia Jax has dismissed claims that she injured several opponents during her time working for WWE.

The former RAW Women’s Champion received her release in November 2021 after seven years with Vince McMahon’s company. During that time, she received an unwanted reputation as someone who could occasionally be unsafe in the ring.

Speaking on Renee Paquette’s The Sessions podcast, Jax revealed that only two people ever suffered injuries due to her:

“That hurt… people [saying], ‘She injures everybody, she just hurts everybody.’ I can tell you this right now. In my career I know I’ve injured two people. Obviously Becky [Lynch] was one of them, and there’s another one that I don’t wanna call her out but I know I did, and I profusely apologized.”
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As Jax referenced, one of her most memorable WWE moments came in November 2018 when she gave Becky Lynch a broken nose and a concussion. The 37-year-old apologized to Lynch and Vince McMahon after the incident.

Nia Jax defends her record as an in-ring performer

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Due to her size and strength, Nia Jax knew she had to be extra careful when she worked with WWE opponents smaller than her.

The recently released superstar admitted it genuinely hurt her feelings when fans assumed she was a reckless performer:

“Hey, guess what? We get in there and we’re going 300 days a year. Not all of my moves are gonna look super clean and smooth and just come out like cherries, but I’m not injuring people. I’m not purposely going out to hurt people. That’s what hurt me the most.”

Jax added that she consciously made an effort to ensure her opponents were safe and they had an enjoyable time working with her.

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