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WWE News: NXT superstar Patrick Clark insults fans

Patrick Clark expresses his frustration against the fans.

Patrick Clark expresses his frustration

What’s the story?

WWE NXT superstar Patrick Clark had earlier come under the limelight for his controversial gimmick. And now, he is back in the news for insulting WWE fans on Twitter.

Clark posted a long message from his Twitter handle as you can see below and held nothing back against fans who complain about the WWE product all the time. He used words like ‘ignorant’, ‘disrespectful’ and ‘classless’ to define the fans and reminded everyone that they don’t run the show.

In case you didn’t know...

Patrick Clark made his initial impact in WWE as part of the Tough Enough Season VI in 2015.

He was offered a contract by WWE for his impressive performance despite being the fifth elimination on the show. Clark then went on to sign the developmental deal which saw him join NXT as a trainee.

The heart of the matter

WWE superstars going off against the fans for complaining too much is not something new.

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Clark is just the new addition into a long list of names that have used Social media for the same purpose. Clark’s Twitter handle now has new found attention and the way in which he unloaded makes it hard to say whether it was a work or a shoot from his side.

What’s next?

Any form of publicity is good publicity. Clark has heat with the fans now and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him go into a bigger heel role once he shows up on the next NXT show.

Considering that the Tweet is still on his timeline, WWE taking any action against him is unlikely and could underline the possibility that this is a work from the promotion.

Sportskeeda’s Take:

As Eric Bischoff’s Autobiography has suggested, Controversy Creates Cash. In this case, controversy creates attention.

We are now talking about Patrick Clark and this is probably what he intended to happen as well. With the ‘Patrick Clark Experience’ mention in the tweet, it could well be something that gets incorporated into his gimmick.

Clark has been struggling to gain momentum so far in NXT and with a huge inflow of talent, standing out with such shenanigans is a great way to remind the company that you are a bankable option on the roster. 

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