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"One should not have to battle for a decade before getting your due" - WWE's Kofi Kingston on Big E getting his singles run on SmackDown

Kofi Kingston talks about how important it is for Big E to get his singles run on WWE SmackDown.
Kofi Kingston talks about how important it is for Big E to get his singles run on WWE SmackDown.
Matt Black
Modified 19 Feb 2021

During the 2020 WWE Draft, The New Day was split between brands. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods went to WWE RAW while Big E remained on WWE SmackDown. While the WWE Universe wasn't happy about the decision, Kingston feels Big E deserved the singles opportunity he's getting now.

Kingston was a guest this week on Instinct Culture by Denise Salcedo to talk about all things WWE. When the subject of The New Day split came up and Big E getting to stand on his own now on WWE SmackDown, Kingston stressed how important it was for his friend to get this chance.

"Very important, you know, we always talk about, like the fact that we will never break up you know we talked about that we'll have one gravesite that we just all get thrown in the same coffin and we get buried together because we'll never break up. I'm so glad that... you know, initially when I heard that he was going to SmackDown, and we were going to be on RAW, I was kind of hot, I was I was kind of upset, but you know after I sat back and thought about it, it really is something that he deserves because, you know, one should not have to battle for a decade before getting your due and when you talk about in him checking off boxes and him having what it takes to be the face of a company like he's got a look, you know he's probably the strongest person on the roster, he can talk, he can make you laugh, he can make you scared. He's amazing in the ring, he's incredibly agile, he should be able to move like that being so big, but he does, you know, he's entertaining, and people gravitate to his energy like so he checks off all the boxes and then some. So, for him to like have a shot. Like, he deserves that you know he's worked for that and myself and would support him in full."

"This is only the beginning for him" - Kofi Kingston on the potential of WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E

Kingston made a point to mention that even though they are on different shows, that doesn't mean they aren't a group anymore in WWE. He also believes that Big E is just scratching the surface of his potential as WWE Intercontinental Champion.

"And for us, like a lot of people like, 'Oh, you guys are split up,' and it's like yeah we're not there together like physically we're not on the same show, but we're still The New Day, you know, we're still boys we still, you know want the best for each other. So while he goes over to SmackDown and starts dominating over there or should I say continues to dominate as he is the Intercontinental Champion and me and Woods do our thing over on RAW, and we, you know, gain accolades and build ourselves up. By the time we all come back together, and we conglomerate. It's, you know, we've all lifted each other up. You know, and that's always been the point of the group is to uplift each other, and by doing that, you know you uplift the individuals to So, yeah, it's awesome. It's great to see E out there holding his own, you know and I, we all knew he could do it myself and wisdom, we could do it we knew is fully capable, but to see the world actually be like 'Oh wow, he's able to hold his own out there,' it's awesome. This is only the beginning for him. He's just scratched the surface of his potential, so yeah, excited to see it excited for him for sure."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Instinct Culture by Denise Salcedo with a H/T to Sportskeeda for the transcription.

Published 19 Feb 2021, 09:43 IST
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