Otis served with a lawsuit, told to forfeit the Money in the Bank contract 

Otis and Tucker.
Otis and Tucker.
Modified 19 Sep 2020

As seen on SmackDown, Otis was served with a lawsuit by The Miz and Morrison. It all began with The Dirt Sheet segment that kicked off this week's episode of SmackDown.

Why did Otis get sued on SmackDown?

The Miz and Morrison were out in the ring, and the A-Lister began to explain the reason why he used his connections in high places to send Mandy Rose over to RAW. Miz said that he helped Otis by trading Mandy Rose to RAW as the Heavy Machinery member can now focus on cashing in the Money in the Bank contract.

Morrison and Miz continued to take shots at Otis and Mandy Rose, and it all boiled down to the moment where Otis made his way to the ring. Otis attacked Miz and Morrison, but the heels attempted to escape a potentially embarrassing beatdown. Tucker assisted his partner by tossing Miz back in the ring. The segment ended with Miz being stripped down to his underwear.

Later on the in the night, Otis was served with a lawsuit by Miz and Morrison in a backstage segment. Tucker read out the details of the lawsuit and told Otis that Miz and Morrison are suing the MITB holder for emotional distress, destruction of personal property, creating an unsafe working environment and Money In the Bank negligence.

The lawsuit also stated that Miz and Morrison considered The Dirt Sheet to be a news program and Otis' actions in the opening segment was a violation of the First Amendment right.

Tucker told Otis that he'd need a lawyer as he could be in big trouble. Miz and Morrison also wanted Otis to forfeit the Money in the Bank contract, or he'd have to go to court. Otis had one week to make his decision. Otis indeed is in big trouble.

WWE has taken an interesting route in the ongoing storyline between The Miz & Morrison and Otis, Tucker and Mandy Rose. Lawsuit angles aren't all that bad, and WWE can do a lot with the new direction on SmackDown.

Who would Otis' lawyer be? What would his decision be? We should get all the answers in a week and let's hope that it's well worth the wait.

Published 19 Sep 2020
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