Otis will represent himself in Money in the Bank briefcase lawsuit

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Is Otis set to lose the briefcase?

For the last month or so, The Miz and John Morrison have tried to take the Money in the Bank briefcase from the 2020 winner, Otis. On the latest episode of SmackDown, it was revealed that after being served by the Miz, Otis will defend himself in court instead of getting a lawyer. Joseph Park might have been able to help.

Will Otis lose the Money In The Bank briefcase?

The pandemic has obviously changed WWE's plans for the briefcase, but some have felt that it was a mistake to have Otis win the MITB match in the first place. That prompted the Miz and Morrison to pursue avenues to take the briefcase away from Otis.

Morrison stole the briefcase one week only to find a sandwich in the contract's place. Another week, they stole Otis' lunchbox but were unsuccessful once again. Everything came to a head two weeks ago when Miz served Otis with his lawsuit, citing an "unsafe workplace". They gave Otis until last week to make a decision, but he didn't make his choice.

Prior to his match with Morrison on SmackDown, Otis revealed that he would indeed represent himself in court during the hearing.

If the ruling goes like his match against Morrison did, then Otis might be in for a win in court. Will the briefcase change hands or will Otis come out victorious? We'll have to wait until next Friday to find out!