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Pat McAfee praises Triple H and everyone NXT has behind the scenes

Pat McAfee has nothing but great things to say about Triple H and the rest of the staff and roster in WWE NXT.
Pat McAfee has nothing but great things to say about Triple H and the rest of the staff and roster in WWE NXT.
Matt Black
Modified 15 Nov 2020, 23:56 IST

When you think of WWE NXT, it's hard to not think of the founder of the black and gold brand in WWE's COO, Triple H. There are a lot of wrestlers who have gone through the NXT brand on their way to the main roster. Many of them have had kind things to say about the King of Kings.

Pat McAfee is clearly no exception, going as far as to say that if Triple H ever asked him to do anything he would probably do it. He stated it just out of the appreciation he has for him and the faith Hunter had in him in NXT to begin with.

Pat McAfee says that NXT really is a family

On Thursday morning on Sirius XM, McAfee joined Busted Open Radio with hosts Dave LeGreca and Bully Ray to talk about his time in NXT, his feelings on Triple H, and more.

Bully asked McAfee if he would compare Triple H, the creator of NXT, to a Head Coach that he would be willing to run through a wall for. He was quick to answer.

"Yeah, I love that man, I do. Now granted, we kind of look similar, right, he has like 50 more pounds of muscle and you know he's obviously much better in the ring and and everything like that, and we both have massive noses and mine almost grew last night with the foot of Danny Burch hit me right in the sniffer, okay, that I thought it was gonna be bleeding over all over the damn commentator table. But yeah, Triple H has been very very good to me, and I'm very very thankful for him, so yeah if Triple H asked me to do something there's a very very good chance I would do it for him because of how much faith he has put in me, which I very much appreciate in return."

Bully asked McAfee what he has seen backstage at NXT in terms of Triple H and Shawn Michaels helping out younger talent. McAfee was quick to point out that it's so much more than just them.

"How about Steve Corino, right? How about Road Dogg Jesse James? How about everybody back... Terry Taylor's back there I mean it is, it's really a family, you know, it really does feel like a family. And everybody has been so nice to me before Takeover 30 and you hear all these stories, right, usually stories like everybody was offering up like hey, when this happens, do this right instead of this or if this happens you're selling this instead of this, right, and that's like all the little tips to make me as good as possible, but you hear all these stories like all they're just softening your back so they can stab a knife in it or whatever, but it really has felt that way.
"Backstage, whether it's the other wrestlers, whether it's all the people we just talked about that are in there as producers, everybody feels like everybody's in the same ship, rowing the same exact way like hey, we just want to put on the absolute best show, we want you to be the best you can possibly be because that's good for all of us. So it's been very, very nice behind the scenes of get a chance to talk with all those. Scotty Too Hotty by the way he's down there, I mean there is legend after legend down there that has been absolutely nice to me."

You can catch McAfee every Wednesday night on the USA Network for WWE NXT.

Published 15 Nov 2020, 23:56 IST
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