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Pat McAfee on if he wants to be part of NXT long-term

Pat McAfee on if NXT is something he would like to continue to do long-term with the company.
Pat McAfee on if NXT is something he would like to continue to do long-term with the company.
Matt Black
Modified 15 Nov 2020, 23:36 IST

When Pat McAfee had his feud with Adam Cole of the Undisputed Era, which led to a match between the two at NXT Takeover 30, the NXT Universe assumed that it would be the last they would see of the former NFL star.

However, little did they know, this was just the beginning. McAfee jumped at the opportunity to keep the storyline going and return to NXT on Wednesday nights for the foreseeable future.

Pat McAfee says he was excited to "keep it going" after the NXT Takeover match with Adam Cole

On Sirius XM on Thursday morning, McAfee joined Busted Open Radio with hosts Dave LeGreca and Bully Ray to talk about a wide variety of topics. These included a topic brought up by Bully about his long-term plans with the NXT brand going forward.

McAfee didn't shy away from the question, while also taking a funny shot at "Spud", otherwise known as NXT's Drake Maverick.

"Well I think Bully, by the way, I appreciate everything you say, I think I've told you this off the air and on the air...big fan of yours, so every time you say something nice I'm very, very grateful for. And if you can tell you a little assh*** friend Spud not to do front flips on me, that would be great...fantastic. I think for me, after years and years of asking to be in the business, right, which is what I for years I asked to be in the business like hey, is there any way I can do anything.
"I was reaching out to a lot of people and they're like, sorry, we don't have time, you're a punter, yeah sorry we can't do it. We can't do it or whatever, so for years I was asking like is there any way, I think I'm supposed to be in this business is there anything I can do for you and I was always like no no no no right, so finally when I got an opportunity to do it, in my head it was like I'm probably not going to get another chance to do this, so I'm gonna go ahead and prove to myself, I'm going to prove to everybody I've told for my entire life that I'm supposed to be in this business and if I wanted to, this could have been my full time business, like that was my initial thought for [NXT] Takeover 30, but then whenever there came an opportunity like hey, do you want to continue to do things I was like f*** yes, like let's go, let's keep it going.
"So, although it originally was because of how long it took for me to get welcomed into the community and allowed to do anything, it was like a bucket list, let's prove to everybody what I'm doing. But now that the opportunity has been like hey, do you want to keep going? It's like, I mean the planes are not those planes are not cheap for me to fly down, like it is costing me a lot of money to do this and it's because of how much I enjoy it, how much respect I have for it, how much love I have for it and ultimately how G** d*** good I am at it, so it's like there it started out as like a bucket list thing and now it's like, let's go ahead and keep doing this thing because of how much enjoyment I have out of doing it and it's, uh, it's been really, really cool to see, you know."

You can catch McAfee every Wednesday night on the USA Network for WWE WWE NXT.

Published 15 Nov 2020, 23:36 IST
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