"Pathetic tbh" - Fans angry at Bayley for her latest comment about Sasha Banks aka Mercedes Moné

Bayley (left); Sasha Banks aka Mercedes Moné (right)
Bayley (left); Sasha Banks aka Mercedes Moné (right)

WWE Superstar Bayley's recent comments about Sasha Banks, aka Mercedes Moné, have left many fans upset.

Due to creative differences, it has been more than a year since Sasha Banks and Naomi walked out of WWE RAW. They were out of action for months on end. Banks went on to make her way to NJPW, while Naomi is now a mainstay in Impact Wrestling.

Many fans still hold hope that Sasha Banks, aka Mercedes Moné, will return to WWE somewhere down the line.

Banks' best friend, Bayley, wants it to happen as well. She recently revealed to Gorilla Position that she begs Banks every day to come back. The comments received a massive response on Wrestling Twitter, with many fans not being happy with The Role Model wanting Banks to return to WWE.

Check out some of the most notable reactions below:

What exactly did Bayley say about wanting Sasha Banks to return to WWE?

The former SmackDown Women's Champion told Gorilla Position that she begged her best friend to return to WWE and wants to wrestle her again someday.

Check out her full comments below:

"I beg her every day. You know what, it doesn’t matter where it is, it doesn’t matter how it happens, I would love to one day step back into the ring with her. Whether it’s teaming with her, whether it’s against her, but right now I just want whatever happiness she needs to feel, whatever she needs, accomplish her dreams, accomplish her goals, I’m just happy to see her happy." [H/T Wrestletalk]

Bayley is focused on winning the Women's Money in the Bank Ladder match at the upcoming Premium Live Event. She is one of the participants in the bout, along with Damage CTRL stablemate IYO SKY. The duo will do everything in their power to ensure that at least one of them gets the briefcase and secures a title shot in the process.

Bayley is no stranger to success regarding Money in the Bank. In 2019, she won the Women's MITB Ladder match at the namesake event. She didn't wait long to cash in her championship shot, though.

Later in the night, she successfully cashed in the briefcase on Charlotte Flair, who had just won the SmackDown Women's Title from Becky Lynch.

What do you think of the 34-year-old star's comment about Sasha Banks? Do you see Banks returning to WWE in the distant future?

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