Peyton Royce gets her culinary skills reviewed by Gordon Ramsey

Peyton Royce shared a video of her cooking abilities tagging Gordon Ramsey
Peyton Royce shared a video of her cooking abilities tagging Gordon Ramsey
Nithin Joseph

Peyton Royce recently shared a short clip via the WWE TikTok account showing off her culinary abilities, as she attempted to recreate an Australian classic called "Fairy Bread". This would have been all well and good for Peyton Royce, but the RAW Superstar chose to tag celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey in the video.

For those wondering how to make "Fairy Bread', it is simple enough. Peyton Royce starts by applying butter to two slices of bread. All was looking good at this point until Peyton Royce started to add sprinkles to the two slices. She would then cut the slices further into halves.

While we do understand that it is a classic Australian dish, it is hard to imagine Gordon Ramsey being receptive to this recipe. Obviously, the tag caught the attention of the Michelin Star chef, who was not too happy.

Gordon Ramsey threatens to stick slices of bread on Peyton Royce's ears

Peyton Royce's rendition of "Fairy Bread" did not sit well with Gordon Ramsey. The celebrity chef, who appears on a variety of cooking shows, was extremely peeved by Royce's attempt at a local Australian recipe. However, to be fair to her, Ramsey did not seem fond of the classic, to begin with.

Below you can see Ramsey's reaction to the former IIconics member's attempt. Gordon Ramsey was so appalled that he threatened to stick the slices of bread on Peyton Royce's ears.

Things started well enough for Peyton Royce, with Gordon Ramsey encouraging her to show him what she's got and even complimenting her shirt. However, Gordon made it clear what would happen if Royce did not make something delicious.

"Peyton show me what you got. Nice shirt, love that. If you don't make something delicious, then I will stick those slices of bread on your bl**dy ears."

Good things come to an end though, as Ramsey's encouragement turned into anger after Peyton Royce pulled out a tin of sprinkles. This sent the award-winning chef into one of his usual and infamous monologues, "roasting" Peyton Royce.

"No stop it. Sprinkles. No,'ve lost the plot. Hey. Really. Are you serious?. You've been out of the ring too long, you've gone all rusty. Oh come on!"

Hopefully the next time Gordon Ramsey and Peyton Royce have interaction, the WWE Superstar will come out of it with some tips and tricks on how to not anger Ramsey in the kitchen.

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Edited by Alex Turk
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