[PHOTO] Mark Henry reunites with members of iconic WWE Attitude Era faction

The former champion reunited with members of iconic WWE faction
The former champion reunited with members of iconic WWE faction

There are a lot of groups and wrestlers from the Attitude Era who became icons in the company. One such faction that people still remember is Nation of Domination, who made a mark in the company during the late 90s.

The group was started in 1996 by Farooq and launched the careers of generational stars like The Rock and Mark Henry. They went on to become a major mainstay in the company’s most successful era. One of the members, Mark Henry posted a picture of himself with some of his former stablemates.

Apart from the world’s strongest man, the picture had Farooq, D’lo Brown, and Kama Mustafa. The four wrestling veterans recreated their group’s iconic pose in the middle of a wrestling ring at an event. This was a truly nostalgic moment and brought back memories of the iconic faction.

You can look at the post below:

“I am truly blessed to have had the reunion. I had today with my brothers,” wrote Henry.

Mark Henry on exit from WWE and joining AEW

The WWE legend retired from in-ring competition and joined Tony Khan’s promotion in 2021. He performs the role of talent scout for the company. He also provides commentary on some of the company’s shows.

Speaking on why he joined AEW, the former World Heavyweight Champion said WWE was not willing to give him a chance as an executive due to the lack of his technical education. Henry feels he has proved that he has the requisite skills to do the job at AEW. He was grateful to the company for providing him with the role.

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