"Pin me before I change my mind" - Former Champion recalls beating Hulk Hogan in big match

Hulk Hogan is one of the greatest superstars in professional wrestling history.
Hulk Hogan is one of the greatest superstars in professional wrestling history.
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Charlie Haas opened up about his experience of beating Hulk Hogan in a six-man tag match from 2003.

Haas teamed up with Shelton Benjamin and The Big Show to face the alliance of Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, and Hulk Hogan as Mr. America.

Getting a win over Hulk Hogan is a massive feather in the cap for any professional wrestler. During this week's episode of 'The Kurt Angle Show,' Haas talked about beating the icon.

The match headlined a big SmackDown episode at Madison Square Garden, with several booking twists leading up to the finish. Vince McMahon got involved in the main event match, which eventually resulted in Hulk Hogan taking a pinfall.

Charlie Haas said he cherished the opportunity to share the ring with Hulk Hogan and be in the winner's corner against the Hall of Famer.

Haas even revealed what Hulk Hogan hilariously said during the final moments of their match:

"It was in Madison Square Garden, and it was unbelievable. It was the Madison Square Garden, and we were wrestling; you were wrestling and what was great was the build-up to that. The three matches we had, three weeks prior to that. And I'm like, Hulk Hogan, Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, and also Big Show. I mean, they have us beat Hogan at Madison Square Garden. I'm like, awesome. I remember Hogan going, he goes, 'Hurry up, little brother. Pin me before I change my mind' (impersonates Hulk Hogan)," recalled Charlie Haas.

Charlie Haas admitted that it was surreal for him to face all the legends he grew up watching, including Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair. The former tag team champion was grateful that he defeated the man who overcame the Iron Sheik.

"Hogan, bro, he beat the Sheik, the eye of the tiger, and dude, we're beating him. It's like, man; you couldn't write that man. It's like the time I was wrestling Ric Flair at the Cow Palace in San Fransico. I mean, you just can't write that, man. Everyone I grew up watching, I was able to do. If it wasn't for Iron Sheik letting Hogan beat him, yeah, we wouldn't be where we are," Haas added.

Update on Hulk Hogan's health

Recent photo of Hulk Hogan with a fan at a CVS store. The Hulkster looks good.

Hulk Hogan's name has been in the news ever since Ric Flair revealed that the WWE Legend was reportedly dealing with "really bad health issues."

The 6-time WWE Champion was even spotted with a walking stick at a CVS store, but he seems to be doing alright based on his recent Facebook post.

Hulk Hogan is undergoing physical therapy and training at the gym, which has already proved beneficial as he has lost some weight and now weighs 275 pounds.

Sportskeeda Wrestling sends its best wishes to the Hulkster, and as always, we'll keep you updated on his health.

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