Plans are reportedly already in place for top injured wrestler's return; latest rumor about the injury is not promising

The star has been absent for some time now
The wrestler has been absent for some time now

When a wrestler is injured, there's always uncertainty about when they can get back in the ring. Often, plans for them are laid aside until more is known about when they can return and compete. That's not the case with Sasha Banks aka Mercedes Mone. According to reports, there are plans in place for her already.

Banks suffered an injury during the main event of NJPW Resurgence on May 21. She fell while she was on top of the turnbuckles, and the impact meant that she hurt her foot badly.

It turned out that the wrestler had suffered a broken ankle. She was supposed to win the match to become the Strong Women's Champion. But Willow Nightingale won it instead after an audible was called once the wrestler's injury status became clear.

Dave Meltzer reported on her status and said that at this time there was no certainty about when Sasha Banks would be returning to action. While this update on her condition is far from promising, it's the unfortunate case at this time.

However, according to the report, when she does return, the plans are already in place for what she will do next. She will be facing Giulia for the NJPW Strong title.

"Even people who you would think need to know don’t know the exact time line for a Mercedes Mone return. The plan right now is that when she returns, that she will face Giulia for the New Japan Strong title," said Dave Meltzer.

Giulia defeated Nightingale recently to win the title on July 5.

It's clear that the wrestler is going right back into the title picture when she returns, but with the injury status uncertain, fans will have to hope for the best.

We at Sportskeeda wish Sasha Banks a swift recovery.

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