"Playing with people's lives is cruel"- Former WWE Diva slams Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon

Maria Kanellis isn't happy with Vince McMahon's recent comments about AEW. The former WWE Diva has lashed out at him via her official Twitter handle.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon opened up about All Elite Wrestling during the WWE Q2 2021 earnings call and stated that he doesn't consider Tony Khan's promotion as major competition to his company. Vince also stated that when it comes to AEW's talent, WWE could give Khan some more of them.

Maria Kanellis took great offense to Vince McMahon's comments and slammed him for the same in a tweet:

"Wow. To think of human beings as pawns on a chessboard. That must be one of the most elitist things I’ve heard in a while. I could never think of mothers, children, fathers, people in that way. People are people. Playing with peoples lives is cruel."

Maria also responded to a fan who took exception to her tweet:

Vince McMahon's AEW comment caused quite a furor on social media

Maria Kanellis certainly wasn't the only person who wasn't happy with Vince McMahon's comments about All Elite Wrestling. Tony Khan's promotion presented its first show, Double Or Nothing, back in 2019. The company has been doing quite well since then despite the pandemic forcing it to hold shows without an audience for more than a year.

Reports have been coming in that two former WWE megastars, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, are on their way to AEW, and Vince McMahon is rumored to be upset over these developments.

AEW has been dubbed by many fans as an alternative to Vince McMahon's WWE, with the latter promotion losing viewership in large numbers every year. WWE's flagship show, RAW, has been consistently drawing bad numbers for a while now. The company's reliance on stars from the past instead of building up current wrestlers has been a big reason why many fans are losing interest.

Maria Kanellis had two runs in WWE, with the second one ending last year in April. Maria and several other superstars were let go due to budget cuts that stemmed from the pandemic. She has criticized WWE on various occasions since her release.

Do you agree with Maria Kanellis? Did Vince McMahon go too far with his comments regarding AEW? Share your thoughts below!

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