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WWE News: Police search for female suspects who stole from Hulk Hogan

The Hulkster has a package stolen from his doorstep, by four unidentified girls.

Whatchoo gonna do, when porch pirates run wild on you, brother?

Former WWE Superstar and professional wrestling legend Hulk Hogan was the victim of theft recently, at his Clearwater home, in the Tampa Bay area. Four unidentified women stole a package from his front doorstep.

The police are currently circulating a video that shows these four women pull into Hogan’s home at Eldorado Avenue, run up his steps and examine a box outside his door. At first, they are alarmed by something and run back down.

Soon enough, they return to rip up the package, take the contents and leave an empty box behind, before leaving the scene of the crime. Here is the video that we just mentioned:

It is unclear whether the suspects in question knew that the home they stole from was that of the Hulkster himself. One thing is clear, however, that Hulk Hogan was very keen on having the video to be made public, aiding in the search for the suspects.

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Residents in Hulk Hogan’s neighbourhood have all complained about cases of porch piracy in the near past. The whole area is on high alert at present. Hulk’s neighbour Art Zell had this to say to WFLA, in Florida:

‘We make sure we stay home during the delivery date. I think it’s the scum of the earth, myself. Yeah c’mon, it's Christmas'. 

The local police have asked for the general public’s help in identifying these young women, and urge you to contact them at 727-562-4242 if you have information about any of the women in the video. 

Hulk Hogan has been in the public eye, for many reasons

Hulk Hogan, probably the best known professional wrestler in the history of the business, has been embroiled in controversy in the near past. In 2012, a website named Gawker had published clips of Hulk Hogan in a sex tape with his best friend's wife, where he is seen making racist remarks.

As a consequence, WWE had severed all ties with their biggest star and even eliminated his name from the Hall of Fame. After a long court battle, Hulk Hogan won a huge sum of over $31 million from Gawker.

It is unclear whether things have been resolved between Hulk Hogan and WWE and whether he will make a return to the company. At this moment, we wish him all the best in reclaiming the stolen goods.

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