Popular star files formal complaint against Adam Pearce and slaps him on SmackDown

An old colleague humiliated the authority figure on SmackDown
An old colleague humiliated the authority figure on SmackDown
Rohit Nath

Adam Pearce is a weekly fixture on both RAW and SmackDown. This week on SmackDown, a popular star filed a complaint against the WWE official and slapped him.

So which superstar has Pearce been infuriating? The answer to that is none other than former authority figure Sonya Deville.

Last week on SmackDown, the duo had a confrontation as Pearce put Sonya in a 2-on-1 handicap match. This week, the latter announced that she had filed a complaint against her former colleague for putting her in the bout.

When the WWE official said he was aware of the complaint, Deville slapped him and walked away.

There have been some speculations on where this storyline could lead. Some fans believe a possible face turn for Sonya Deville and a potential heel turn for Adam Pearce could be on the cards.

@SonyaDevilleWWE blaming the booking of the women's division on @ScrapDaddyAP was equally laughable and tragic#Catchingup #SmackDown

Pearce has maintained a neutral babyface status throughout his on-screen tenure in WWE. It will be interesting to see what comes from this story. Hopefully, the angle will also see Sonya Deville being elevated as an in-ring competitor.

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