R-Truth reveals possibly working with Brock Lesnar in the future in WWE

Brock Lesnar in WWE
Brock Lesnar in WWE

One WWE Superstar who seems to be universally adored backstage is none other than R-Truth. Whenever R-Truth appears on the screen, he makes sure to be extremely funny and leave everyone laughing, including at one point, Brock Lesnar. Despite his age, R-Truth has not slowed down at all and is still quite able in the ring.

During a recent interview with TalkSPORT, R-Truth revealed how he made Brock Lesnar break character and actually start to laugh in the middle of a WWE ring. He went on to add that Lesnar actually told him that he wanted to work with R-Truth in the future.

R-Truth says that Brock Lesnar wants to work with him in WWE in the future

R-Truth had an excellent segment with Brock Lesnar on WWE RAW, where he made The Beast Incarnate break character and laugh.

Now, R-Truth has revealed that Lesnar actually said that he wanted to work with R-Truth more in the future.

"The magic just went on man, it kept going on. And after that segment was over, we’re in the back and Brock was still laughing. He said ‘Bro, we got to do something together. There’s something there. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something there. And we left it there. I know that’s something we can always go back and pick up. But that is one of the highest moments in my career right there."

R-Truth revealed that Brock Lesnar is actually really 'cool' backstage and he was very happy to have Lesnar say that he wanted to work with him in the future. He said that he felt very proud at that moment.

"Not even to mention he’s a cool dude backstage. To have Brock Lesnar say he wants to work with me, it was very appreciative to my soul, to my ego, to my career, to the time I’ve spent in the business, to everything I’ve done… Brock pretty much gave it a hug. Imagine Brock giving your confidence a hug, man [laughs]."

While the two have not really been featured together since then, in the future, the two of them could actually have a few funny segments when Brock Lesnar comes back.

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