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WWE News: RAW ratings slightly down from last week due to NFL and MLB competition

Rohit Nath
30.50K   //    12 Oct 2016, 15:20 IST
Down but not out

Raw ratings were slightly down this week due to some stiff competition from NFL and MLB. Raw did 2.75 million viewers. Last week’s viewership was averaged at 2.79 million. 

The show itself was not bad at all, and it did not go with the monotonous tone that Raw usually goes with. It is true that the third hour brings a huge sense of monotony to the show as it is harder to fill, but this week was anything but a snoozefest, and time seemed to fly for most.

Add to it the fact that Paul Heyman came out and issued a challenge to Goldberg, who will be appearing next week in Denver for Raw to address the challenge. The breakdown of the three hours is as follows:

- 8 p.m. 2.79 million viewers
- 9 p.m. 2.88 million viewers
- 10 p.m. 2.61 million viewers

The thing is the ending of the show or a few really great moments set the tone for how the fans perceive the show. Even if the show as a whole is pretty boring, an extremely exciting ending can make the fans believe that the whole show was good.

This week’s Raw also saw the historic announcement of there being the first even Women’s Hell In A Cell  match between Sasha Banks and Charlotte for the Raw Women’s Championship.  It was announced that there will be three Hell In A Cell  matches as a whole – The United States Championship match, the Women's Championship match, and the Universal Championship match.  

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Baseball took a bite out of NFL’s ratings, which are usually really high. The NFL game did about 9.06 million viewers while the MLB game did 4.02 million viewers and the other 4.10 million viewers. It looks like there has been some overall stiff competition on these hour slots.

The ratings have been an issue for a while now with WWE but this week it doesn’t seem to be too much of an issue because the drop as a whole was not a lot. However, given that Goldberg is returning to Raw next week, there will definitely be a huge increase in the ratings, and it will almost certainly exceed 3 million viewers.

The key demographic that will be brought back for the episode will be the older fans who grew up watching Goldberg, so it should be interesting to see the ratings for next week’s Raw.

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