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WWE News: WWE Raw Tag Team Championship rematch set for the Royal Rumble kickoff show

Make sure to tune into the Royal Rumble kickoff show as there will be some titles on the line!

The Raw Tag Team Championship match is a go, and it’ll be on early Sunday afternoon

What’s the story?

It was announced on Monday Night Raw that on the Royal Rumble kickoff show, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows will get their rematch against the WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Sheamus and Cesaro.

In case you didn’t know...

Last week on Monday Night Raw, Sheamus was punching everyone in sight, unfortunately, one of those guys was referee John Cone. Gallows & Anderson hit Cesaro with the Magic Killer while Cone was knocked out, and another referee slid in and counted the pinfall.

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However, after the bell rung, Cone would call it a disqualification win for Gallows & Anderson, which resulted in the title not changing hands.

The heart of the matter...

Due to what happened last week on Monday Night Raw, there will be the stipulation that there are going to be two referees assigned to the match. Clearly, Gallows & Anderson had a legitimate win, so this is a way to give them another shot and so that the same situation doesn’t repeat itself.

What’s next?

The Royal Rumble kickoff show is going to be two hours on Sunday and will begin at 5 PM eastern and 4 PM central time. There will be at least two matches on the show if not more and it is now official that the Raw Tag Team Championship will be on the line early on in San Antonio.

Sportskeeda’s Take

Gallows and Anderson are long overdue for a run with the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships. Expect the titles to change hands here on the Royal Rumble kickoff show, unless something fishy happens again.

If there is another fishy ending, this could drag out all the way to WrestleMania. It all hinges on how well Vince is liking the unlikely duo of Sheamus and Cesaro; which has not been that bad of a tag team, in all fairness.

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