Double wedding announced for next week's RAW involving Reggie, Dana Brooke, and other WWE Stars 

Reggie, Dana Brooke, and more set to tie the knot on RAW
Reggie, Dana Brooke, and more set to tie the knot on RAW
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Reggie and Dana Brooke are getting married on next week's RAW, and so are Tamina and Akira Tozawa! After saying yes to their partners in a previous episode, the soon-to-be brides chose to host a bachelorette party during tonight's broadcast.

While Dana and Tamina enjoyed their bachelorette party, a brawl ensued wherein Nikki A.S.H. attempted to win the 24/7 title. However, R-Truth, accompanied by the grooms and other stars, stopped it.

He then declared that as an official, certified, ordained minister and "in the spirit of love," no attacks on Dana Brooke for the title shall be made until the marriage is over. Truth said that he loves the title more than anybody, but it's the love that keeps people together.

Where (or who) did @RonKillings get THIS from?!#WWERaw

How did Reggie and Akira propose to their soon-to-be brides?

The two couples' storyline mainly revolves around the 24/7 Championship. It was no surprise when the two men proposed, the gold was involved.

The current 24/7 Champ, Dana Brooke, was having a conversation with Reggie when he proposed, saying yes instantly. Their celebration was cut short when they were attacked by Akira and Tamina, who attempted to take Brooke's title.

In a shocking turn of events, Towaza himself got down on one knee and received a yes from Tamina before he could finish what he was saying. Though the ring didn't initially fit the former Women's Tag Team Champion's finger, it didn't ruin their spirit.


Meanwhile, R-Truth looked on and said he had an idea. It's unclear whether this wedding will be a ploy to win the 24/7 title. It is expected to be an entertaining segment, especially with Truth officiating the ceremony.

Are you excited about the double wedding? Sound off in the comments below.

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