Renee Michelle reacts to R-Truth and Drake Maverick's RAW confrontation

R-Truth and Drake Maverick meet again; Renee Michelle
R-Truth and Drake Maverick meet again; Renee Michelle

Renee Michelle has reacted to R-Truth and Drake Maverick's segment on the latest edition of WWE RAW.

Drake Maverick made an appearance and confronted WWE 24/7 Champion Reggie on the entrance ramp. R-Truth ran up the ramp to make sure Maverick wouldn't have a chance to take the title from Reggie. This led to R-Truth and Maverick having a staredown with the former US Champion yelling at his arch-rival and telling him to go back to his wife.

R-Truth then began chasing Reggie as Maverick looked at the fans in attendance. Maverick's wife, Renee Michelle, wasn't thrilled by R-Truth's confrontation with her husband and posted a couple of tweets reacting to the segment.

When asked by a fan if she was having flashbacks, Michelle replied:

Renee Michelle hasn't forgotten R-Truth's feud with her husband, Drake Maverick, in 2019

In mid 2019, WWE legend Mick Foley introduced the 24/7 title. The initial response to the belt was tepid, but it eventually grew on the WWE fans. R-Truth and Drake Maverick's feud over the 24/7 title proved quite popular.

Over the span of several weeks, Truth and Maverick traded the belt on various occasions. The most memorable moment from that angle was Maverick's wedding to Renee Michelle.

On that fateful day, R-Truth crashed the wedding and pinned Maverick for the 24/7 title. The incident left the Englishman crushed as he had become obsessed by the championship.


As time passed, the audience grew weary of the 24/7 title segments. At this point, R-Truth has won the belt on 53 occasions. Maverick, on the other hand, has won it 6 times. Maverick hinted that he wanted to win the title again and set his sights on Reggie.

Do you think WWE could revive fan interest in the 24/7 title in the coming weeks? Are you interested in seeing R-Truth and Maverick feud over the belt again? Share your comments below!

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