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WWE News: Renee Young slaps Miz for bringing up her sleeping with Dean Ambrose on Smackdown

Renee Young slaps the Miz right in the middle of the ring for his indecent comments about her relationship with Dean Ambrose.

The Miz went all out on Renee Young when she questioned him

Last night’s episode of SmackDown Live emanating out of Detroit, MI stole the show with some brilliant wrestling action as well as some heated promos. The promos got so intense that at one point, WWE presenter Renee Young slapped the Miz inside the ring.

Miz had just successfully defended his Intercontinental Championship against Apollo Crews when Renee entered the ring to interview him.

Renee asked the Miz about his obsession with Dean Ambrose that led to the Miz missing out on the opportunity to become the number one contender for the WWE Championship. The Miz, keeping true to his heel persona, responded by saying that it was Renee who was obsessed with Dean Ambrose.

The Miz said:

“My obsession with Dean Ambrose? Maybe we should talk about your obsession with Dean Ambrose. I mean , after all you’re the one sleeping with him!”  

This remark did not sit well with Renee as she lost her composure and slapped the Miz right across his face and stomped out of the ring. Smackdown Live has been able to emerge as the premier wrestling show on the WWE Network at the back of segments such as these, where the line between a storyline and a shoot has become blurred.

It is a well documented fact that Renee and Ambrose are seeing each other, but Miz’s comments proved to be demeaning for the WWE presenter. In fact, both Renee and Ambrose as well as Miz and Maryse are a part of the cast of the sixth season of Total Divas.

Later, WWE released a video on their YouTube channel that aired the fallout from the vicious segment. Renee revealed during a backstage interview that she was simply standing up for herself and had no remorse over her actions.

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It was evident from the interview, that Renee was furious at the Miz for his malicious comments about her relationship with Ambrose. Such a reaction is in stark contrast to what we have seen of Renee Young in the past, who is generally of a mild disposition inside the locker room as well as on screen.

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