Renee Paquette feels WWE is trying to make "examples" of their performers

Renee Paquette left World Wrestling Entertainment in 2020
Renee Paquette left World Wrestling Entertainment in 2020
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Former WWE commentator Renee Paquette (f.k.a Renee Young) has spoken about the company's work environment after the recent walk-outs of Sasha Banks and Naomi.

In a story that has rocked the wrestling world, the popular tag team left the arena last Monday after reportedly being unhappy with their booking as a duo. Banks and Naomi were also allegedly concerned about the Tag Team Championship's presentation on WWE programming.

Speaking on her show Throwing Down with Renee and Miesha, Renee stated how World Wrestling Entertainment is trying to make examples of superstars who are seeking to create real change within the company.

"It's just such a weird time in WWE where they are cutting people left, right and center, I feel like people are really being made examples of as well, and that's the thing that sucks where it's like, I feel like, Sasha, Naomi are really trying to do a bigger picture situation here, and I hope that they aren't like nipped in the bud for that." (From 25:59 to 26:23)

Since their walkout, Sasha Banks and Naomi have been suspended from the promotion and stripped of the Women's Tag Team Championship.

WWE targeted Banks and Naomi in a statement last Friday

Since the former Women's Tag Team Champions left the building last week on RAW, speculation has been rampant as to why the pair decided to leave moments before the show went on air.

While Sasha Banks and Naomi are yet to comment on the situation, the Stamford-based promotion has had a firm take on the recent development.

Last Friday on SmackDown, Michael Cole delivered a message to viewers stating that the two superstars "let us all down."

Sasha Banks and Naomi have been suspended indefinitely. There will be a future tournament to crown the new WWE Women's Tag Team Champions.

As this story develops, fans of both Banks and Naomi are hoping that they will soon hear their side of the story. It will be interesting to see if the duo eventually make their return to the company.

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