Rey Mysterio reveals how he came up with the 619

Rey Mysterio hitting Kane with the 619
Rey Mysterio hitting Kane with the 619

One half of the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, Rey Mysterio, was recently interviewed by Sony Sports India. The WWE legend opened up about the origins of his legendary finishing move, the 619.

Rey Mysterio recently won the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships alongside his son Dominik at the WrestleMania Backlash pay-per-view. The duo became the first father and son team to hold tag team titles in the WWE together.

Speaking to Sony Sports India, Rey Mysterio revealed how he first came up with the 619. He revealed it was a modified version of a move used by Tiger Mask and Mexican wrestler Super Astro:

"The move actually has been modified but the originator is Tiger Mask," said Mysterio. "Tiger Mask did it in the 80s in Japan and then I saw it for the first time in person with one of my favourite wrestlers of all time, Super Astro, who was also from Mexico and he would always team up with my uncle. When I would see him run and do the move, he would just feint and come back in the ring. When I started wrestling, when I started adapting moves from here and there, I was like what if I put my opponent on the ropes and connect with my feet so it was just a moment of creation that happened. The next thing, I tried it in the ring and it worked. So, that's how the 619 was born."

Rey Mysterio on how he came up with the double 619

Rey Mysterio and Dominik first hit the double 619 at SummerSlam 2019 where Rey was facing Brock Lesnar.

During his interview with Sony Sports India, Rey Mysterio also discussed how he came up with the idea for the double 619:

"That move," continued Mysterio, "we were thinking, I wonder if this is possible, in a training session one day in California. I was like maybe it is. Then I realized my son is left handed so he comes in the opposite way which was perfect. So, the very first time we did that move was in Survivor Series against Brock Lesna and it was just beautiful, the connection, the precise running and holding onto the ropes and connecting at the same time was just incredible. At the time, my son wasn't wrestling yet. He was just making appearances with me so obviously my mind started to go right away, 'I can't wait until we share this move and beat opponents with it as partners.'"

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