Rey Mysterio wants WWE to do something massive: "I'm hoping that it happens within the next 3 years"

Rey Mysterio and WWE CCO, Triple H.
Rey Mysterio and WWE CCO, Triple H. [image 1: image 2:]

The WWE has officially entered a new era where the company is focused on having more overseas PLE and Rey Mysterio has now urged them to organize a premium live event in Mexico.

In addition to its yearly trips to Saudi Arabia, WWE has expanded its PLE catalog to other countries, with the Backlash show from Fracne being a massive success story for the promotion. WWE surely wants to reward its international fans and presenting a stacked event is the best gift they can offer, according to Rey Mysterio.

During an interview with WrestleRant, the WWE Hall of Famer put over the Mexican fans in a huge way and felt the country had one of the best live wrestling crowds in the world:

"Mexico has always been an incredible crowd for wrestling, and what better way to pay it off than with WWE coming then and giving them something special as a PLE?" [15:40 - 16:00]

Rey Mysterio competes at a high level whenever he enters the ring, but the 49-year-old, according to him, does not have much time left.

Mysterio is open to working towards getting a WWE PLE in Mexico and even gave a potential timeframe for it:

"I'm hoping that it happens within the next three years. I think my people deserve something as good as a PLE. So, I'm truly open." [15:11 - 15:26]

Rey Mysterio knows a potential location for a WWE PLE in Mexico

Considering WWE's recent trends, a premium live event is almost certain to happen in Mexico, given the country's culture.

Rey Mysterio will undoubtedly be the face of the project if he is active and available, and the former world champion event knew the perfect arena for the proposed show.

Mysterio named the iconic Estadio Azteca, which is one of the two stadiums to have hosted the Fifa World Cup Finals on multiple occasions. Rey felt the fans would fill up the gigantic Estadio Azteca and produce one of the most incredible sights ever in WWE history:

"We have a huge stadium over there, the Estadio Azteca, which I believe is being remodeled, and I believe we should be done sometime next year. I think the fans would go crazy, crazy." [15:27 - 15:39]

The fan reactions during the overseas WWE PLEs have proved that non-US viewers are yearning for events in their countries and won't miss the opportunity to be at their loudest.