Rhea Ripley furious with Dominik Mysterio; will kick him out of Judgment Day unless he fulfills a condition

Things are not well between Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio
Things are not well between Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio

Rhea Ripley is back and has taken things in hand once more on WWE RAW. However, it's not the happy reunion that Dominik Mysterio was envisioning. Instead, she came back and immediately handed him an ultimatum - the faction is far from healthy right now.

The Eradicator has been absent for the past two weeks after she got hurt following an attack from Nia Jax. As a result of her absence, the team was not in a good place. Instead, they were falling apart. At NXT No Mercy, things went wrong with Dominik losing the North American Championship to Trick Williams.

Rhea Ripley called out the Judgment Day on RAW and confronted Damian Priest for not leading the faction well in her absence, saying that things needed to be better. Priest argued back, saying that he had done his job and had his title and the briefcase, while Dominik had been the one to lose his title.

The still-angry Rhea Ripley then turned on Dominik, telling him that he had lost. She then told him that the rematch he had on NXT this week was his time to prove that he was not a waste. Instead, he would have to win the title back. If he didn't, then Ripley told him not to come back.

If Dominik fails, he's out of the Judgment Day.

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