Richard Holliday on defending his Caribbean Championship tonight on MLW Fusion

MLW's Richard Holliday
MLW's Richard Holliday

On tonight's MLW Fusion, IWA/MLW Caribbean Champion Richard Holliday is set to defend his championship against Gino Medina. Holliday, part of Team Dynasty, once recruited Medina to be part of his stable. The relationship went sour, and tonight on MLW, the two will square off in what will be a fantastic match because Richard Holliday is in it!

MLW Richard Holliday vs. Gino Medina
MLW Richard Holliday vs. Gino Medina

In this exclusive interview, the IWA/MLW Caribbean Champion Richard Holliday sets the record straight on if Dynasty got what they wanted from Medina and what Alexander Hammerstone thinks of the situation.


Q: What's going on, SK Fans, it's Lee Walker here, and unlike the interview queen of MLW, I will address my guest correctly. Ladies and gentlemen, the IWA/MLW Caribbean Champion, ladies, and gentlemen, Richard Holliday. Richard, how are you doing today, sir?

Holliday: You know what? It's nice to finally have that respect that not only I should be given, but I have earned, rightfully, to be introduced that way, and honestly, Alicia could really take a page out of your book. I don't know how long you've been doing this, but it seems like she's been doing this for like two weeks. She doesn't understand how to properly introduce her guests. She thinks she's the star, the interviewee is the star, so I appreciate that. I'm doing well if that answers your question.

Q: April 14th - you have a match with a former Dynasty member, Gino Medina, for the Caribbean Championship on MLW Fusion. You said in an interview, 'When I go into recruitment mode, it’s out of — not necessity. I never recruit out of necessity. I recruit based off of opportunity. And I recruited Gino Medina into the Dynasty, that was a hand selection by me. And I felt that we needed to penetrate the Latino market and expand our demographic reach. We did not need to do that, but that was something I felt was an opportunity for the Dynasty to do. So he was a very smooth transition in.'

“So in terms of your question, I don’t actively recruit. I actively look for opportunities. And when the opportunity arises, then recruitment mode goes into play.”

Q: Do you feel Dynasty got what they wanted to out of Gino Medina?

"My God, first and foremost, I really am such a good speaker. I just articulate so well. That quote, you just can't write that up. It can only come out of the mouth of an educated man like myself. What a beautiful quote. What was your question again? I honestly got sidetracked just listening to my own quote."

Q: Do you feel Dynasty got what they wanted to out of Gino Medina?

"Yeah, you know, kind of, I guess? I went into recruitment mode again because I felt like we could penetrate the Latino market. Did we do that? Yeah, I think a little. Do I think we could have done that with Hammerstone? Yeah, I think we could have, but I took a route that I felt would have been beneficial to the Dynasty, and it was more of a short-term play like in stocks. There are stocks that you hold and stocks that you sell. I sold him very quickly. I sold him when the time is right. I saw him just about to go on a bit of a tailspin, and I sold him. Look at him now, and he's begging to be back in Dynasty. He writes letters weekly to my lawyer/my Father begging him to be put back in. That'll never work Gino, just stop you're embarrassing yourself."

Q: I'm glad you brought up Alexander Hammerstone. How does he feel about the whole Richard Holliday-Gino Medina situation?

"He was part of the deliberations when I fire him (Medina). Obviously, I had to tell Hammerstone. He was all for it. He knew he (Medina) was undynastic. He (Hammerstone) knew we used him for what we used him (Medina) for, and it was all well and good. He just didn't fit the mold."

Q: Let fans know, April 14th, Richard Holliday vs. Gino Medina for the IWA/MLW Caribbean Championship. Let fans know what's going to happen?

"Well, consumers, please address them as they are, and I'll tell the consumers exactly what's going to happen. I'm going to walk down that aisle as the Caribbean Champion. I am going to teach Gino Medina a lesson in Dynastic respect, and I'm going to leave that ring as the Caribbean Champion. There won't be a blemish on the champs face. I'm going to do that with a smile on my face. I'm going to have fun on the 14th (tonight). I can't wait to just keep letting him know that I fired him. He might cry. He honestly might cry on national tv, and that will be great. Then I'll form a little cup of his tears in my hand, and I'll smack him across the face with it and say, 'There's your undynastic tears. Hydrate yourself with it.'
"I'm going to have fun on the 14th (tonight). Honestly, if you're a consumer, just tune in and make sure you watch this."

MLW Fusion airs tonight on their YouTube Page at 7:00 pm Eastern. You can also catch MLW on bein sports, DAZN network, and Fubo. Please make sure you tune into tonight's MLW Fusion as IWA/MLW Caribbean Champion Richard Holliday puts his title on the line against Gino Medina. Check back with Sportskeeda for our full results from MLW Fusion and to find out if Richard Holliday retained the Caribbean Championship.

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