Ricochet could change his name and form a new alliance with CM Punk in WWE, says veteran (Exclusive)

CM Punk and Ricochet could cross paths in WWE.
CM Punk and Ricochet could cross paths in WWE.

The WWE return of CM Punk has certainly spiced things up creatively in WWE. Vince Russo recently pitched an epic idea for CM Punk and Ricochet working together, leading to the latter changing his WWE persona altogether.

Ricochet has been in the WWE since 2018 but has not established himself as a main-event player. That could, however, all change if he associates himself with CM Punk, according to Vince Russo.

As revealed in Writing with Russo, the former WWE head writer expressed his desire to see CM Punk become the head of a disciplinary committee.

Russo and host Dr. Chris Featherstone built up on the angle by adding several fascinating layers to it, including the possibility of Ricochet being Punk's right-hand man.

Vince Russo felt that WWE should discontinue the Ricochet character and instead present the superstars with his real name, Trevor Mann. Russo delved deeper into the potential storyline around Ricochet, as you can view below:

"What's his real name? Go with the real name, bro. Like you said, put him in a suit. That would be tremendous, bro. There you go. Put him in a suit, Trevor Mann, 'Ricochet was a video game play, bro, what a joke that was, wasn't it?' You could create so many people; that would be tremendous, bro." [10:38 - 11:15]

Vince Russo on how WWE can elevate NXT stars by using CM Punk smartly

The 62-year-old loved how making CM Punk the disciplinary committee creates several opportunities for other talents to shine.

To give Punk's proposed act more credibility, the former AEW star can have a legal council comprising of talents picked up from NXT.

The development is full of promising names who might be great but just need a chance to work with a big superstar.

Vince Russo said WWE could use the angle and introduce fresh faces from NXT, who will gain more experience by being in the presence of Punk.

"And bro, not only that, you want to give heat to NXT guys. Bro, those freaking new guys, who are so vanilla and so nothing, you put them with Punk as his legal council, bro, because they majored in Political Science in high school. Now, they are made." [11:34 - 12:08]

Would this be the best way to use Punk moving forward? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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