"I don't know if he'd pass the PG WWE code" - Riddle on whether Conor McGregor would succeed in WWE (Exclusive)

Riddle takes the fight to Omos in this amazing picture
Riddle takes the fight to Omos in this amazing picture

Riddle believes Conor McGregor could succeed in WWE if he puts in the work!

Conor McGregor is perhaps the biggest box-office attraction to have emerged from the world of MMA in recent years. The question of him coming to WWE at some point has been brought up by several superstars in the past, considering how many former UFC stars now call WWE their home!

One such WWE Superstar is Riddle, who spoke with Sportskeeda Wrestling about a variety of topics. You may check out the entire conversation through the link below:


Riddle admitted that he is a fan of how stars like Conor McGregor and Jake Paul are able to draw big crowds.

Does Riddle believe Conor McGregor will succeed in WWE?

Riddle admires Conor McGregor's ability to attract audiences but doesn't know if the latter will thrive in WWE's PG atmosphere:

"He's Conor McGregor. The guy puts bu**s in seats. The guy has a mouth on him. I don't know if he would pass the PG WWE code. But I guess he could do his best. At the end of the day, it's like Jake Paul or any of them...I don't know how they're doing it but they get people talking, they're controversial, they make money with fights and drama."

Riddle hopes that if Conor McGregor does show up, he'll put in the effort and not merely collect a paycheck:

"Do I think he'd be a good fit for WWE? If he's willing to do the work and work hard and put his time in, yeah. Just like Ronda was good. Just like I'm good. But if you think you're just going to come in, collect a payday which will probably happen and be more like a Cain [Velasquez] situation, where a guy come in, even if he had the skills, only comes in for a show or two. I think it'd be great for business. Conor's good, marketable, and everything else."

Riddle does not rule out the idea of Conor McGregor coming to WWE, because anything can happen in the world of sports entertainment!

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