Rikishi sends a one-word message to Naomi on social media

Rikishi (left) and Jimmy Uso & Naomi (right)
Rikishi (left) and Jimmy Uso & Naomi (right)

Rikishi took to social media to send a one-word message, reacting to Naomi's Instagram post in the process. Naomi is a real-life member of The Bloodline, as she is married to Jimmy Uso.

Jimmy was recently kicked out of The Bloodline by his brother Solo Sikoa and the debuting Tama Tonga. He also recruited Tonga Loa into the faction in the absence of the leader, Roman Reigns.

Taking to Instagram, Naomi congratulated the recent graduates of the Anoa'i family to which Rikishi reacted by sending a one-word message.

"4 graduations in 3 states! So proud of our graduates Anesia, Katelynn, Jaciyah , and Jadian! We love you so much and I’m happy I got to witness such a special day and see you all walk across the stage as you transition into the next chapter of your lives. I know you’ll all continue to make us proud as young adults and know that we always got you. Love you love you love you!" wrote Naomi on her Instagram post

Check out her Instagram post:

"Blessing," wrote Rikishi.

Check out a screengrab of the Anoa'i family member's Instagram comment:

Rikishi commented on the newest addition to The Bloodline

Rikishi has reacted to the recent additions to The Bloodline. The Hall of Famer stated that Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa have been related to the family, courtesy of their father, Haku.

Speaking on the Off the Top podcast, the 58-year-old veteran said:

“Those two kids, Tama and his brother, Tonga Loa, they’re [related] to the family, as far as with Uncle Haku and so forth. These kids, I couldn’t wait for them to come to WWE. They’ve done so much out there, the hard work and building their brand out there in New Japan, that it was awesome to see them finally come home. The Bloodline, the WWE is home."

Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa are former multi-time IWGP Tag Team Champions. They are currently on SmackDown, and Tama recently competed in the King of the Ring tournament, where he lost to Randy Orton in the semifinals.