"I'm cynical" - Road Dogg has an interesting take on the Montreal Screwjob

Brian James was a member of the D-Generation X
Brian James was a member of the D-Generation X
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WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg recently shared an interesting take about the Montreal Screwjob on a recent episode of his podcast.

The Montreal Screwjob took place at Survivor Series 1997 when Bret Hart refused to drop the WWF (now WWE) Championship to Shawn Michaels on Canadian soil. Michaels, Hart, and Vince McMahon later agreed that the match would end in disqualification. However, the finish was changed by McMahon without prior knowledge of The Hitman.

The end of the match saw Shawn Michaels locking Bret in the Sharpshooter submission hold, with McMahon calling for the bell without The Hitman tapping out and crowning The Heartbreak Kid as the new champion.

Dogg, who was a significant figure during WWE's Attitude Era, gave his thoughts on the incident on a recent edition of his Oh... You Didn't Know podcast. The former WWE Tag Team Champion isn't convinced that the incident was real, citing his pro wrestling mentality as the reason.

“I’m still not 100% sure it [The Montreal Screwjob] was all real, and that’s just me being honest with you. I know I’m cynical because I’m a wrestler, I’m one of the boys, and I think everything’s a work,” Road Dogg said. [H/T WrestlingNewsCo]
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Road Dogg also talked about Shawn Michaels taking a liking to him

During the podcast, Road Dogg talked about Shawn Michaels as one of the main driving forces behind his joining the D-Generation X. Dogg added that The Heartbreak Kid was influential during the Hall of Famer's early years in the company.

"You know, I was really lucky in the sense that Shawn [Michaels] took a liking to me early on. Shawn had a lot to do with me becoming the Roadie for Jeff Jarrett. He really spoke up for me during that period of my career, like early on, and so I knew Shawn and we got along well.”
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Road Dogg recently worked as a backstage producer in WWE but was released from the company in 2021. It is not yet known where his future lies within the industry.

What do you think of Dogg's comments? You can share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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