Roxanne Perez tells 41-year old WWE legend she doesn’t need her anymore

Roxanne Perez
Roxanne Perez is a former NXT Women's Champion

Roxanne Perez just informed a WWE legend that she no longer needs her on NXT.

Natalya is a WWE legend who has been around the business for decades. She has done pretty much everything there is to do and is also a Guinness World Record holder. Now that The Queen of Harts has gained so much experience, she imparts some of that knowledge to the younger talent. She spent most of the past few months on RAW mentoring Tegan Nox. Last week, Natalya returned to NXT to compete against Lola Vice and emerged victorious.

Tonight on NXT, Natalya was set to impart some of her knowledge again as she stood in the corner of Karmen Petrovic in her match against Lola Vice. Before the match, the Canadian star talked to Karmen when Roxanne Perez walked in.

She said she would've listened to the 41-year-old star months ago, but now she didn't need her or her heroes. This statement took Natalya aback, and she was speechless.

Roxanne Perez has shown her vicious side ever since she brutally injured Lyra Valkyria after months of frustration over not being able to win back her NXT Women's Championship. It will be interesting to see if this segment leads to a match later on.

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