Rumor killer on Shane McMahon's furious backstage argument with WWE legend

Shane McMahon has worked for WWE in on-screen and off-screen roles
Shane McMahon has worked for WWE in on-screen and off-screen roles
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Jeff Jarrett has dismissed Bob Holly’s claim that Shane McMahon wanted to “beat the s***” out of him backstage at WWE No Mercy 1999.

Holly wrote in his book that Jarrett went straight to Vince McMahon’s office and began to yell at him over a dispute about finances. He also claimed Shane McMahon was “really vocal” and wanted to legitimately beat up Jarrett in his father’s office.

Speaking on his new My World podcast, Jarrett denied that a “shouting match” between himself and Shane McMahon ever took place.

“No [there was no shouting match],” he said. “So, this is where… that’s crazy. What’s kind of mesmerizing to me… Bob Holly, not just Bob Holly, but Bob Holly’s editor thought it was important enough to their book to put that in his book. Completely incorrect, not factual at all, but here we are still talking about it. The context of that is a little amusing to me, I’ll say. But no [that did not happen].”

Bob Holly also accused Jeff Jarrett of walking into the arena without his gear, implying he was not willing to face Chyna that night. Jarrett clarified that he did leave his gear in the car, but only because he wanted to negotiate a deal before getting changed.

What did Bob Holly say about Jeff Jarrett and Shane McMahon?

Shane McMahon held the European and Hardcore Championships during WWE's Attitude Era
Shane McMahon held the European and Hardcore Championships during WWE's Attitude Era

It has been rumored for many years that a WCW-bound Jeff Jarrett demanded $300,000 to lose the Intercontinental Championship to Chyna at No Mercy 1999. Jarrett, whose WWE contract expired one day before the pay-per-view, has confirmed he did request the money, but the matter was resolved amicably.

Bob Holly, a WWE Superstar from 1994 to 2009, told a different story about Jarrett’s meeting with Shane McMahon and Vince McMahon in his book.

“He [Jeff Jarrett] walked into the arena for the pay-per-view without his gear and went straight to Vince,” Holly wrote. “Backstage, we could all hear them yelling in Vince’s office. Jeff was demanding that Vince pay him all the money he was owed from previous events and the money for the match he was going to do that night, or he wasn’t going to go to the ring. Shane, Vince’s son, was really vocal. He was cussing Jeff out and was ready to beat the s*** out of him. Jeff is a mild-mannered guy who wouldn’t fight anybody, so he just sat there and held his ground.”

Jeff Jarrett lost the match against Chyna and returned to WCW one day later. He also revealed on the debut episode of his podcast that he did not want to leave WWE in 1999.

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