Rumored Uncle Howdy debut won't take place in Saudi Arabia, says WWE veteran, for one specific reason (Exclusive)

Uncle Howdy accompanied Bray Wyatt upon his return to WWE!
Uncle Howdy accompanied Bray Wyatt upon his return to WWE!

WWE Universe has been eagerly waiting for Uncle Howdy and the rumored Wyatt 6 faction to show up on TV programming ever since the mysterious QR codes started making rounds again. While many are hoping that the faction will show up in Saudi Arabia, Dutch Mantell believes that it will not be the case.

Uncle Howdy first appeared in WWE a few days after Bray Wyatt's return. However, many assumed that the character would be done after the unfortunate passing of the Eater of the World last August. But things changed in the last few months and now Howdy is expected to return along with a faction of his own.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling's Smack Talk, Dutch Mantell stated that Uncle Howdy won't show up at King and Queen of the Ring as it would be difficult to get him to Saudi Arabia without being noticed.

"I think Howdy shows up somewhere in the US. I don’t think he could go to Saudi Arabia as everybody would know he was there, you can’t hide him.

The former WWE manager also shared his thoughts on the mysterious QR codes that have been appearing lately.

"You talk about QR codes and all these hidden codes and all these hidden meanings, what do you gotta be now? The goddamn private investigator to figure this crap out? But that is really good because it gives the fans options to go different places." [From 50:48 onwards]

The mysterious Uncle Howdy character is played by Bo Dallas, Bray Wyatt's real-life brother. There are speculations that Alexa Bliss could also be a part of the rumored Wyatt 6 faction.

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