Rusev slams WWE heavily for their bizarre social media policy

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Rusev, now going by the name Miro, has been out of the wrestling bubble since his release from the company in mid-April 2020. Rusev's release was among the most surprising, especially since he had a high level of popularity and was involved in one of WWE's most important storylines in 2019 and early 2020 - the love triangle with his wife Lana and Bobby Lashley.

Since getting released, Rusev has made his presence felt on Twitch - a platform that WWE has stopped allowing superstars to use (under their trademark names, at least).

Rusev has been critical and recently on Twitter, he asked WWE to tag in him a post where he was featured.

On a recent Twitch stream, Rusev ripped into WWE's social media policyy of not tagging a former superstar, calling it "low class" and "the most unprofessional thing to do". He continued, saying:

I think it’s so, so, so stupid because I don’t work for WWE, but I still get WWE checks every quarter like the merch and stuff they still sell it and they still send me money. I ain’t freaking dead either so why wouldn’t you tag me? Why wouldn’t you use the tag? Why wouldn’t you do that? I’m just trying to understand. It’s not like I work for somebody else like I work for TNA [Impact Wrestling] and they don’t want to promote me. Yeah, I get that, but I am here jobless.”

Rusev certainly makes a point, but it appears that WWE has extremely stringent rules for social media.

WWE's stringent social media rules go beyond Rusev

WWE's social media policy when it comes to tagging is certainly interesting. While there's little chance of them tagging a superstar who was just released by WWE, they also don't tag active superstars going by a different name. Braun Strowman, for example, goes by his real name Adam Scherr on Instagram and the account is clearly for more personal use.

However, he's never tagged on Instagram either because his username isn't his in-ring name.

WWE appear to be overly protective about what belongs to them ad they might view the same for Rusev.

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