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WWE News: Sasha Banks wants 'women's wrestling' tag to be dropped

Rohit Nath
572   //    29 Oct 2016, 10:14 IST
Raw Women’s Champion Sasha Banks did a piece looking at the careers of Raw Women’s Champion Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. In the article, Sasha explained that she hopes one day down the line, the term “women’s wrestling” and “women’s revolution” are ditched by the WWE, as she wants to be seen as equal to the male wrestlers.

“We say things like ‘women’s wrestling’ and ‘women’s revolution.’ I hope one day it’s not “a good women’s match.” I don’t want the women’s wrestling part. I just want to be equal to my partners.  I think once we get a women’s main event at a pay-per-view and you drop ‘women’s wrestling,’ that will prove we are on the same level.”

Sasha pointed out that a couple of years ago Women’s matches were seen as the popcorn match or bathroom break for the fans, but that was not the case anymore.

She proceeded to state that she aspires to be in the main event of Wrestlemania some day and that if she doesn’t achieve that, she knows that she is laying the foundation for the next generation of women wrestlers to do that. 

The Boss also addressed the build to her feud with Charlotte. On Raw, the brand which she is the champion of, storylines have been primarily revolving around “making history” and the “revolution” and “evolution” of women in wrestling rather than the rivalry itself.

This has been subject of much criticism from the fans of late, who believe that while Sasha and Charlotte Flair do deserve to perform inside the Hell In A Cell, the storyline has not been as compelling for it to be inside the most demonic structure in WWE history.

Nevertheless, making history is still a huge selling point for the women, and it does deserve admiration that The Boss and Charlotte will be the first to be stepping inside Hell In A Cell. On Smackdown Live, on the other hand, the rivalry between the women is primarily based on stories and there is little to no mention regarding the history or the revolution.

It could be speculated that WWE are intentionally trying two completely different forms of telling a story. Raw has been considered the show with the stronger roster, but Smackdown Live has been considered as the show with the stories.

However, all said and done, there is no denying that when The Boss and The Queen step inside the Hell In A Cell, the Boston crowd will be red-hot for their hometown hero, Sasha Banks.

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