"Is this little girl old enough to be on the TV show?" - Ex-WWE referee's honest question to Triple H

Triple H saw the potential in current Women's Champion.
Triple H saw the potential in current Women's Champion.

Former WWE referee Scott Armstrong recently revealed that he questioned Triple H about Liv Morgan's age after he first met her.

Morgan signed for WWE at just 20 years of age and whilst she has been with the company for eight years, she seems to have barely aged a day.

Speaking on the Armstrong Avenue Podcast, the former WWE referee recapped the moment he enquired with Triple H about her age.

"I know for a fact that Liv Morgan has worked. I mean, I, I knew her when she was at NXT, just getting her foot in the door. And it was like, I mean, I remember saying the words to Hunter saying, 'is this little girl old enough to be on the TV show?', and, and he said, 'oh yeah, man, she's gonna be a star!' So Hunter believed in her way back then," Armstrong said. [From 54:04 to 54:30]
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Liv Morgan is one of the most talented and beloved superstars on the roster today. Her popularity seems to be paying off as she recently won the SmackDown Women's Championship.

Liv Morgan is seen as the baby of the WWE women's locker room

Despite the fact that Morgan is one of the company's top champions, many of her colleagues still see her as one of the youngsters.

Speaking to Ryan Satin on Out of Character, Tamina said that Liv Morgan is the baby in the locker room.

"Oh my gosh, yeah... It’s funny that you said that, too, that’s my baby right there, that’s the baby of the locker room. When she came in, she was, she was like the youngest one in the locker room, like by far the youngest one." [H/T Fightful]

After her recent championship success, Liv Morgan is now set to defend her SmackDown Women's title at SummerSlam against Ronda Rousey.

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