"See u next time" - Wrestler sends heartbreaking message after severe injury and getting title stolen

The wrestler is not doing well at all
The wrestler is not doing well at all

Wrestling is always a dangerous profession, and wrestlers take their lives and careers into their hands the moment they enter the ring. Now, a wrestler has suffered a severe injury and sent a heartbreaking message to fans. Following the G1 Climax 33 event, NJPW star SANADA has provided an update on his condition.

During the G1 quarter-finals, SANADA lost to EVIL. The two wrestled in the finals, where he was handcuffed after being attacked by his opponent. The star also stole his title after forcing the ring announcer to say that SANADA was not fit to be the champion. While officially, SANADA is still the champion, EVIL has stolen and is currently in possession of his title.

In an Instagram post, SANADA provided an update on his current condition. The wrestler posted a picture of himself with an ice pack wrapped around his back and his arm. He apparently suffered a ruptured tendon in his bicep during the post-match attack.

He said that he intended to heal up during this time and added, "See u next time."

Whether this means he'll be ready by the time the September event rolls around or not is uncertain. When he does return, a feud seems to be set between him and EVIL, with the title in the balance.

Until his return, though, EVIL may still continue pretending that he is the official champion.

We at Sportskeeda wish SANADA a swift recovery.

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