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WWE News: Shawn Michaels watches NXT and 205 Live over Raw and SmackDown

HBK talks with "Good Ol'" JR about how often he watches the WWE on television.

News 16 Mar 2017, 03:12 IST
Shawn Michaels prefers NXT and 205 Live

What’s the story?

Shawn Michaels was recently a guest on Jim Ross’ Ross Report podcast where they spoke on many interesting topics. Coming back from a commercial, Ross asked HBK if he watched wrestling on television.

Michaels responded by saying that whenever he got the time to, it was typically either NXT or 205 Live that he watched, and not Monday Night Raw or Smackdown Live.

In case you didn’t know...

It was announced last fall that HBK had moved to Florida and was named the new head trainer of the Performance Center in Orlando.  

Michaels spoke about the move with Jim Ross as well, and also announced that this would be the last season of his hunting show due because of the extra travel it would require.

The heart of the matter

In response to HBK’s answer, Jim Ross replied by saying that it wasn’t a bad thing that he doesn’t sit through three hours of Monday Night Raw every week or watch SmackDown LIVE all of the time.

He also stated that there are some people that like NXT over Monday Night Raw and SmackDown LIVE due to it being booked more logically.

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Michaels’ duties at NXT will be to groom those who are getting prepared or trying to earn a spot on NXT and 205 Live. It thus makes sense that the little free time he has to watch WWE television is spent on those shows instead of the main ones.

What’s next?

With WrestleMania 33 coming up in a little over two weeks, both Michaels and Ross will have a full slate of appearances ahead of them. Jim Ross will be doing a one-man show where he will tell stories and also bring in a wrestler to talk about their career. 

Michaels has a special event coming up called “One Night With The Kliq” with Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Sean Waltman. The event includes a Q&A session and even a limo ride with the four gentlemen on the highest tier of tickets.

Author’s Take

Between his duties in Orlando, a television show, and possibly a future acting career, Shawn Michaels definitely has a lot on his plate right now.

It would be hard to expect HBK to be able to consume all of the pro wrestling that the WWE and other companies offer every week. It’s actually a pretty daunting commitment for a hardcore wrestling fan as well.

The great thing about his comments is the fact that he does believe in the two brands of NXT and 205 Live. 

If he didn’t believe in those brands, then he wouldn’t have taken the job as a head trainer at the Performance Center.  It is just proof that the WWE is going to be in good hands in the future.

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