"She is jealous of me" - Lola Vice on 43-year-old WWE star

Lola Vice is a WWE NXT Superstar. [Image source: The star
Lola Vice is a WWE NXT Superstar. [Image source: The star's X/Twitter]

WWE Superstar Lola Vice recently stated that the former NXT Women's Champion is brimming with envy. The upstart is ready to step into the ring and prove her worth to Shayna Baszler in a big way.

On the May 21, 2024, episode of the white-and-gold brand, Vice and Baszler suffered a massive upset at the hands of Natalya and Karmen Petrovic. Following the tag team action, the former MMA fighter backstabbed The Queen of Spades and attacked her.

However, the 43-year-old former WWE Women's Tag Team Champion was having none of it and she locked Lola Vice in a Kirifuda clutch before the officials had to come out and stop them. Now, Shayna Baszler and her former ally will lock horns at Battleground Premium Live Event in an NXT Underground match at the UFC Apex, in Las Vegas on June 9.

While speaking to Scott Fishman of TV Insider, the former MMA fighter admitted that she's gotten inspired by The Queen of Spades. Lola Vice also shared that Baszler held her back, maybe out of jealousy.

"I got inspiration from Shayna Baszler. She is someone I watched coming into this company. I watch her a lot. She was the most dominant NXT Women’s Champion we’ve had. I’ve studied her a lot. I brought her back to NXT to train for my fight against Natalya, It’s a shame she never let me be myself. I feel like she is jealous of me, and I have to prove a point to her," she said.


Lola Vice opens up about working with WWE veteran

The 25-year-old female star recently spoke about stepping inside the ring with the former WWE Divas Champion Natalya. On the Spring Breakin' episode of NXT, Vice defeated The Queen of Hart in an MMA-style Underground match.

During the same interview, the up-and-coming star had nothing but praises for Nattie. Lola Vice noted that the 42-year-old WWE veteran elevated her game.

"The cage. So, I had to prove to her [Natalya] that I was tough. Yes, pro wrestling might not be my world like hers, but the Underground was my world. I think working with Natalya elevated me a lot. I got a lot from her. I did beat her and knock her out in the Underground, but I’ll always remember the times in the ring with her and what she has done in this company," Vice said.


WWE fans will have to wait and see if Vice manages to secure a win over The Queen of Spades inside the rumored octagon-structured cage match.

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