"She was there to rescue me" – WWE legend on Stephanie McMahon helping him out

WWE Chairwoman and co-CEO Stephanie McMahon
WWE Chairwoman and co-CEO Stephanie McMahon

Mick Foley has opened up about his experiences working with Stephanie McMahon during their time as WWE RAW authority figures.

Foley and McMahon were appointed RAW general manager and RAW commissioner, respectively, shortly before the 2016 WWE Draft. While they had a great relationship in real life, the two often clashed on-screen as they attempted to co-exist as the red brand's ultimate decision-makers.

On his FOLEY is POD podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer recalled how McMahon regularly helped him when he forgot his lines:

"She expected a lot from herself," Foley said. "Her father [former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon] expected a lot from her, and she delivered. You never see her mess up a promo. She was there to rescue me when I couldn't remember what I was doing." [48:13 – 48:26]

Foley's general manager run ended when McMahon fired him on the March 20, 2017, episode of RAW. He was replaced by Kurt Angle two weeks later.

When Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon got their way backstage

On the August 29, 2016, episode of RAW, Kevin Owens won the vacant Universal Championship after Triple H surprisingly attacked Seth Rollins. The following week, Mick Foley questioned whether Stephanie McMahon had prior knowledge of her husband's plan to interfere.


The RAW authority figures filmed the three-minute segment without Vince McMahon's permission because they thought the storyline development needed to be addressed. They later showed the footage to the then-WWE boss, who approved it:

"He looked at it afterwards for what seemed like an eternity, nodded his head, and went, 'We'll do it your way,'" Foley said. "And as he's walking down the hallway, [WWE producer] Road Dogg comes up to me and Stephanie and goes, 'We all know you can't get your own way for like six weeks after that.'" [49:57 – 50:13]

Foley and Stephanie McMahon were delighted that they successfully stood up for themselves. They hugged each other backstage once Vince McMahon walked around the corner, and he could no longer see them.

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