"There was a lot of damage done" - Sheamus provides an update on his injury

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Almost two weeks ago, on an episode of WWE RAW, Sheamus faced Humberto Carrillo in a singles match. During the bout, Carrillo went for a forearm strike that busted Sheamus' nose wide open.

Blood was pouring down the United States Champion's nose, but he fought through the remainder of the match in excruciating pain. He later took to Twitter to post a picture of his nose, which was visibly displaced.

Due to his broken nose, Sheamus underwent surgery and appeared on the latest episode of RAW with a mask to protect his face. Sheamus wasn't part of any action on RAW, so many fans wondered how long he'd be forced to sit on the sidelines.

The Celtic Warrior recently sat down with Vibe and Wrestling and provided an update on his recovery.

"I've been doing okay, I'm getting better," said Sheamus. "There was a lot of damage done to the outside and inside. I cracked my septum and there were fractures and breaks on the outside. It was actually more painful getting the nose put back together than it was getting it broken. It's just more annoying. But yeah, I'm on the mandate, nothing stops me. I've had multiple injuries. [I] tore my meniscus but I still got in the ring. I don't like to sit at home and I don't like to make excuses for not being out there when I can be."

Sheamus made it clear that he wants to return to the ring as soon as possible, despite the damaging injury.

Sheamus went on to discuss the physicality and pain in wrestling

Sheamus in WWE
Sheamus in WWE

In the same interview with Vibe and Wrestling, Sheamus went on to explain how harsh and brutal wrestling can be at times, in response to wrestling being called "fake."

"Jump in the ring with me and I'll show you how real it is," Sheamus continued. "Ask any of the opponents I've been in the ring with. That stigma has been with wrestling or WWE for decades. I'm proud to bring in a very very physical style. You watch any of my matches with Drew, with Bobby or with Big E or any guy."
"It's a different element when I'm in there and I think it's changing as well," Sheamus added. "A lot of the guys I'm in there with, like any of the guys I've wrestled, it's very very physical. It;s easy for people to say it's not real but if you watch what's been going on during the pandemic, there is nothing fake about it."

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