Sin Cara makes a big announcement [Exclusive]

Sin Cara
Sin Cara
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Former WWE Superstar Sin Cara, aka Cinta De Oro, made a big announcement during his latest chat with SK Wrestling's own Riju Dasgupta.

Sin Cara was released by WWE back in late 2019. In a recent exclusive with SK Wrestling, he revealed that he is currently working on three big projects. Here's what Sin Cara told Dasgupta:

"I am also doing other projects outside wrestling. I'm starting a company with my brother. I'll give you guys more information later on. He wants to start a company and we're in the plans of doing all that. I'm also writing a couple of books, writing a book about... a motivational book telling stories about my life, about my childhood."
"It's like a biography. Like stories about when I was a kid, a teenager, and through that how God has always protected me and has kept me going to achieve what I've accomplished no matter the obstacles, no matter what I've done. Letting peoople know that they can accomplish anything. And that's mainly about the book. And also I'm writing a kids book 'cause I got to do a lot of things with kids and I'm just excited to have something that them and me can actually communicate."


Sin Cara was a popular mid-card star in WWE

Sin Cara did well for himself as a mid-card act in WWE. He won the NXT Tag Team Championship along with Kalisto on one occasion during his WWE stint.

Sin Cara didn't open up about his promotion but has assured everyone that he will provide more details about the same very soon. He was quite popular among the kids during his time in WWE and his upcoming book focusing on kids could certainly do well in that demographic.

Would you like to see Sin Cara make a one-off return for WWE somewhere down the line? Sound off!

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